With a built-in set of customizable broadcasting and content editing features, Studio Tool is a one-stop-shop media streaming platform that enables companies and individuals around the world to manage, deliver and monetize all their content.

High quality media streaming wherever your audiences are

Studio’s streaming solutions offer a powerful cloud-based platform to enable everyone deliver high-quality media at scale, on every screen, without having to invest in costly infrastructure. With features designed to help you simplify and streamline your video delivery approach and engage audiences, Studio makes it easy to distribute your content to a local or global audience, all while driving engagement and revenue.

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The only media streaming platform you’ll ever need

No matter it is for VOD, live events, or set top boxes broadcast distribution, Studio aims at delivering end-to-end scalable media content at the same standards a television studio broadcasts. Built on powerful OTT technology and a comprehensive set of features, Studio is able to deliver the best video streaming experiences, together with: -Fast and secure live and on-demand video management and delivery -Set top boxes broadcast distribution -A worldwide content delivery network -High quality video streaming from anywhere, on a variety of devices -One console for all the features of the platform and a simplified video streaming workflow -Powerful built-in marketing, content editing and analytics features

MycommunityToday Studio
MycommunityToday Studio

An independent journalism solution

Studio offers its users a variety of solutions, but at the heart of the platform stands its amazing content democratization concept. Right now, television shows get on the screens with a lot of upfront investment and marketing hype and what Studio Tool does is enabling content creators and production teams the opportunity to stream their content to the televisions of millions of people and enter the premium video content sphere.

One console, multiple video solutions professionals rely on
Who is Studio Tool for? Studio Tool is ideal for TV broadcasting and online video streaming, with high quality video delivery and viewing experience that professionals and audiences increasingly expect.
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Independent producers and content owners

Stream your content to the screens of millions of people and monetize it

Broadcasters and Media companies

Deliver the most engaging watching experiences using your personal end-to-end streaming platform

Operators and Service providers

Eliminate infrastructure complexities and deliver a distinct over-the-top multiscreen TV experiences

Marketers and Enterprises

Replace the linear TV ad approach with a clever ad placement system solution that allows instant ad stitching, even on live content streams

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