One application

Imagine a world where YOU engage and interact within your neighborhood and community and make a difference

Imagine a world where YOU can share and receive daily trusted news and information, and quality and entertaining content about immediate neighborhood

Imagine a world where YOU can find everything and anything around you

Imagine a world where You have access to thousands of just-in-time coupons and deals from your local merchants

Imagine a world where YOU have only one login, one password, and one payment system to shop from thousands of local businesses

Imagine a world where YOU must download only ONE application to access it all and get it all at one place

Imagine a world where YOU and your Community are the center of universe

Community hub

Community Hub

Community Hub is the grand central
station for all community businesses and
activities, providing mobile apps for local
governments, businesses, organizations,
schools, faith groups, special interest
groups and more.
All business entities are provided individual custom made, full-featured mobile application for you to discover, browse, and do business.


Near by

Simply and quickly find places to go, food to
eat, activities to engage, services to obtain,
and events to attend near you

MyCommuniyt.Today Near BY

Store Front

Conveniently access all your local
merchants’ storefront at your
fingertip and shop on-line
with ease

Deals & Coupons

Deals & Coupons

Automatically get the latest deals
and coupons offered by your local
businesses when you need it based on
your location and preferences



(Mobile App As A Service)

Simplify your life...Never download a mobile
app again
Download ONE app and have access to
thousands of native built-in
mobile apps
Only one login, password, and
payment system to shop
from thousands of businesses
Enhanced security and data protection

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