Community Hub

Community Hub

Community hub is the focal point of all local community businesses and organizations to showcase their mobile App and have an online and social media presence, so you know when and where to find the right products, services, and information you need.
It provides an innovative and unified interface by creating individual and custom-made mobile applications for all the businesses and organizations.

It is a digital concierge and social storefront at your fingertips, and it comes with a unified user-centric dashboard, predefined views, and predefined categories to provide a consistent user experience across ALL businesses, activities, and devices. It provides users a consistent, accessible, uniform user interface, and follows user social activities for optimal information sharing and consumption.


It is the easy and concise way for local businesses and groups to develop long-lasting relationship with you by providing useful information, promoting their activities, showcase their products and services, and offer you just-in-time coupons and deals.

Here, we provide a forum to facilitate collaborative projects between local community and businesses/organizations by encouraging community participation and help identify volunteering opportunities to enhance the community wellbeing.



Community Hub is the answer to the problem of complexity and information overload.

Everybody knows how frustrating it is to try and search for something, say, a desired type of restaurant near you with relevant information about their rating, testimonials, menu, prices, deals, and coupons.

A google Search returns over 200 million results and then you need to find the right link, navigate to it, and try to find the information you are looking for on the restaurant website and then start all over again for the next restaurant. It is frustrating and time consuming, and usually fails to provide the results you want.

With Community Hub’s consistent user interface, you just enter the keyword(s) for the type of restaurant you seek. You are immediately presented with the list of mobile apps for restaurants you seek ordered by their location nearest to you. Just click on their mobile application from the list to find detailed information about their location, contact information including direct chat, rating, menu and if you desired order on-line right on their mobile app. If they offer a coupon, automatically take advantage of their coupons or deals too. It is that simple!


There is a wealth of information out there. It is easy to get lost and find a whole lot if information that you don’t want.

Another frustrating experience is the factual accuracy of the information of the internet search results, given the fact the ranking of search results is not always based on truths and facts but popularity, paying sponsors, junk science, and fake information.

Wouldn’t be nice to post a question and a real expert in the community to answer it? For example, if you have a plumbing question, you could post it and a real expert in the community will answer it?



How do you distinguish a bad product or service from a good one? How do you go about deciding to buy a product or not? Oftentimes, you ask your trusted family, neighbor, or friends for advice. However, in today’s busy world that might not always be possible.

Using MyCommunity Hub you can quickly find businesses, review their reviews provided by your neighbors, family and friends, or other trusted sources and make a decision. Once you select the right business, you can quickly visit their mobile app store, get detailed information about their products or services, make appointments immediately or purchase a product or service right on their mobile App. That is called convenience!

What is trending
in the community?

Keep yourself informed and up to date with what is trending in your community. We want you to know the insider information about everything that is happening in your neighborhood.

By taking a pro-active approach, we create a unique virtual network between community members and businesses, to facilitate the exchange of information, and share resources and knowledge.