Operator Tool
Operator Tool
Media operator tool

The One-and-Only Media Streaming Platform

Finding a quality Media Streaming Platform is hard. Either they’re too expensive to acquire and use or they do not give you the necessary options for customizing and broadcasting your video content. We at MyCommunity.Today understand your needs and budget and have accordingly developed the best-in-class and reliable Operator tool. Whether you wish to use it for Video On Demand (VOD), or live streaming events, our Operator tool does it all. It delivers scalable media content at the television studio broadcasts quality level. Operator tool is a powerful Over The Top (OTT) technology that ensures best video streaming experiences for your customers.

Benefits of Operator Tool

1. Fast, Secure, and Reliable on-demand video management and delivery.
2. Worldwide Content Delivery Network
3. Built-in marketing, content editing, and analytics features
4. One Console for all features of the platform.
5. Simple-to-use video streaming workflow.

Benefits of Operator Tool

Premium Video Content Solution

Studio Tool ensures your content is broadcasted at an amazing quality and speed. The Studio is a free-flow pathway to allow content creators to deliver their video content online using OTT technology to their target audience. This allows MyCommunity.Today’s merchants and users to stream their content to millions of people and carve a niche in the premium video content delivery space.

One Console for Multiple Video Solutions

The Operator Tool is the one-stop solution for streaming videos. Enjoy the privilege of streaming content to millions of people and monetize it.

1. Deliver the most engaging watching experiences using your end-to-end streaming platform
2. Eliminate infrastructure complexities and deliver distinct over-the-top multi-screen experiences
3. Replace the linear ad approach with a clever ad placement system solution that allows instant ad stitching, even on live content streams

MyCommunity.Today Operator Tool allows you to streamline your content to your audiences across many devices at high quality. Gain complete control over your media and easily manage, deliver and monetize your content with features that allow you to organize your media, deliver high quality content, and analyze the results using our full featured analytics tools to measure audience engagement with your content.

Join MyCommunity.Today and test drive our Operator Tool!

One Console for Multiple Video Solutions