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Pandemic has affected many of the local and traditional businesses that heavily relied on customer’s offline shopping habits. These businesses have faced great challenges in transitioning their business model to align with their customers’ needs as they, for safety and convenience reasons, had changed their habits to on-line shopping. On the contrary, some big tech giants, given their existing on-line presence, grow their profits multiple folds due to the pandemic. Given these facts many small merchants wonder how to augment their business by adding an e-commerce platform without hassle and huge cost, quickly!

Say hello to MyCommunity.Today’s Community Hub Mobile App As A Service (MAAS), the best solution to fulfil your ecommerce needs in the best way possible.

Traditional and small merchants willing to switch or augment their offline business model to an online presence can use our exclusive Community Hub MAAS capability to easily do so!

The Community Hub, the grand central station for your community, which is tailored to help consumers find businesses near them quickly and conveniently, offers you a unique and interactive solution to build your online business, and rapidly grow your sales and revenue. Businesses can leverage this revolutionary tool to sell their products and services online via the custom-built mobile app of their own. Through this digital ecommerce platform, businesses can broaden their reach and maximize their profit potential.

Select Category

First things first, depending upon the nature of your business, the process of customizing your App is selecting relevant category type. Start with selecting the category of business. Depending upon the nature of the business, choose a suitable category for your business. Just click on the “Select Category” and select the relevant category listed in the drop-down menu like “Foods & Drinks, Shopping, Things to Do, Education” etc. In case the drop down menu does not contain an appropriate category for your business, you can click on 'Services' and proceed to the next step.


Business Info

As the name suggests, here you fill out the necessary information about your venture. Whatever you fill in here, will be displayed on your mobile application in the Community Hub. So, make sure to fill out details carefully to avoid mistakes. Add your Business Name, Business Phone Number, Location and Description etc. You would have to complete all your crucial information and make sure to SAVE it all

Manage Tabs

Give your application the feel of an application that includes images, menus, tabs, etc. Ensure to customize your app and make it more comprehensive and well-detailed. How? By using our Tabs feature. This tool works on helping local merchants promote their business by using a slew of tabs. You can add, delete and modify tabs depending upon your business. It will assist users to understand the nature of your business and make well-informed decisions for purchasing your products and services.


Home Tab

Home tab is the landing tab for your mobile app. This is where users are taken after they select your business in the Community Hub. It includes your logo, business information, a Slider section where you can place your most important graphics and marketing message. You can also display one or more coupons or deals you offer to your potential customers. In addition, Home Tab includes an image gallery to display images related to your business, and a business events section to showcase events you will be hosting or have hosted in the past.

Upload Slider

To make your application interactive and appealing, you must upload a handful of images relating to your business. Use the slider space to showcase the nature of your business, the assortment of services and products you offer and so much more. It will make your mobile app more meaningful and exciting to view. Upload relevant images, banners, or images to fill your slider with attractive images, banners, posters, and marketing messages


About Us Tab

An About Us section is one of the important components of a website, or a mobile app! It describes the basic tenant of the business and its process, evolution, and services it offers. his tab contains images and a description field to tell you visitors about your business, what makes you different from your competition, and your business history among others. So make sure to add the ‘About Us’ tab and write down the critical details of the business so that your customers get to know you. You can customize the About Us section by using the Gallery option to include images or opt for the textual information only.

Services Tab

What matters most is the services or products you offer on the right platform. In this section you list all services, if any, your business offers. Just click on the ‘Service’ tab followed by clicking on ‘Add New Service’. Here you can promptly list down the ‘Service Name’ and ‘Service Description’. Ensure to click on the ‘Save’ button when done and the changes will be shown within your mobile application. You can add an unlimited number of services, their corresponding name, images, and description


Menu Tab

As in a physical menu, online stores' menus must be organized and easy to navigate to find the right items to purchase. The Menu tab defines the category of your offerings, for example if your mobile app represents a restaurant then you may have a Menu containing Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, etc.

Whereas if you are a jewelry store you Menu may include Wedding Bands, Neckesses, Wrist Bands, etc. The Menu categories can contain sub-categories. You can add an unlimited number of items to the Menu tab. Each Menu item will contain one or more Products (See Store Management Tool for details of how to create Products).

Store Tab

Is your business made up of several distinct and stand alone parts? If so, the Store tab is what to use to separate each segment of the business and if need be. link the primary business to sub-segments that many including their own stand alone MAAS. For example, if you own a grocery business which contains the main grocery store in addition to a pharmacy or a food court made of several restaurants. then Store Tab is added to allow users to navigate to different segments of your business easily. This can include different MAASs which can be segmented using the Store tab.


Departments Tab

A business can be made up of several departments such as the fruits & vegetables department, meat and seafood department, and more in the case of a grocery store for example. This is where the Department tab is used to list the various departments within your business so that users can find the right item by quickly navigating through to the right department.

Appointment Tab

If you own a service business then your mobile app should help your potential customers to easily make appointments to receive those services. The Appointment tab provides a means for users to quickly schedule an appointment when they visit your MAAS. Here users can set up an appointment by filling out an appointment form and indicate the time and date they would like to meet with you and the nature of their needed service. The Appointment tab section automatically fills the users’ name and contact information using their profile information and lets the user enter additional information needed for you to schedule a time with them. The users and merchants can then use the My Appointments feature of the MyCommunity.Today app to coordinate appointments.


Teams Tab

To distinguish your business from competitors it is important to highlight your most valuable assets, your human resources and their skill sets. Teams tab allows you to list all the important members of your team, their skills, their education, and their work history among others. You list an unlimited number of team members in this tab.

Post Tab

As a merchant you want to communicate with your community members frequently.

Maas - Interactivity Tab

Interactivity Tab

The best way to communicate and strengthen bonds with customers is by reaching out to them in the best way possible. Unlike conventional applications that list out the products and services, our MAAS tool gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers to gauge their interest in your products and services and to engage them to build brand awareness and connection. You can build a compelling mobile application by posting interaction on the Interactivity tab of your mobile app. These include questions, polls, quizzes, voting, social betting, etc. Just click on the “Interactivity” tab and create the "Interactivity" by uploading relevant images and adding the required text. Through the interactivity tool, users will more likely build connections with you and your business.

News Tab

One of the best ways to interact with your customers is to keep them abreast of the latest happenings in your business that may affect them. It is crucial to keep your customers, users, or onlookers updated on business offerings, events, or community related news. You can utilize the News tab to offer any recent updates on your local community or news relating to your business. Through the News Section, you can show your active engagement within your community to gain attention and brand awareness. Click on the “News” button that will prompt you to add a “News Title” and “News Link” details! Voila, the News will appear within the News tab of your mobile app!

MASS- Media Tab

Media Tab

The first impression is the last expression. You can create an indelible impression by showing visual information through the medium of the media gallery. The Media tab offers you the opportunity to visually highlight the appealing and attractive aspect of your business. As a business owner, you can showcase your services, products, or events via images, banners, or any graphic material. Just upload the content online and make your gallery colorful and creative!

Events Tab

Do you host events at your office/shops? Usually, you invite a segment of your community in your vicinity but fail to reach all the people around you. But with our custom-mobile app, you can expand your horizons and reach many more community members. You can directly reach all potential customers and invite them to your events such as store opening, or celebration by customizing the latest events happening at your venture. Just click on ‘Events’ and add content for the fields ‘Title’, ‘Address’, ‘Starts From’, and ‘Ends At’ fields. Make sure to upload a picture to make the invitation attractive and you’re all set!

MASS- Weekly Specials Tab

Weekly Specials Tab

Certain businesses such as grocery stores may publish weekly specials to attract value shoppers to their establishments or online stores. The Weekly Specials tab provides users easy access to your weekly published specially priced items from the list of your products or services.

Testimonials Tab

Many users value rave reviews or testimonials to decide on using your products or services. Testimonials tab allows merchants to publish reviews from their customers to build credibility for their businesses. It is important to ensure the testimonials have the full name and title of the review to make the testimonial credible.

Mass Tool - Gift Card tab

Gift Cards Tab

Does your business offer gift cards? MyCommunity.Today ecommerce platform offers a gift card feature allowing customers to purchase gift cards with fixed value to be used at a later time. The Gift Cards tab makes it easy for your MAAS visitors to see all your offered gift cards and add them to their shopping cart and checkout. Customers can then use the purchased gift card online from within your estores on MyCommunity.Today’s Community Hub.

TV Channel Tab

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Catering Tab

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Deals Tab

Do you wish to expand your market reach and see increased sales and revenue for your business? Use the Deals tab to showcase all deals you are currently offering. Users can quickly see all your deals by navigating to the Deals tab on your MAAS on the Community Hub section of the MyCommunity.Today application


Coupons Tab

As with the Deals Tab, Coupons tab showcases your current coupons. Users can see all your active coupons in one place and click and save them to their Coupons Bucket on the MyCommunity.Today mobile app to be accessed quickly when needed

MAAS tool is an innovative and excellent solution for building an online presence to showcase your brand. It's the easiest way to get on-line with your own mobile application with just three simple steps. It just doesn’t get any easier with no technical skill needed at all! Sign up for Community Hub MAAS and become a part of the next-gen e-commerce revolution.

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