Deals And Coupons in USA
Deals & Coupons Tool
Deals And Coupons in USA

Deals & Coupons Tool

MyCommunity.Today aims to offer the most innovative interactive social media and e-commerce platform to help local merchants grow and take their business into a higher level for Deals And Coupons in USA. Offering exciting deals and coupons in usa occasionally or on special occasions can help grow any business. Offering deals and coupons in usa brings in more and more potential customers. It is one of the effective marketing strategies to enhance direct selling of products or services, and increase brand awareness and market reach of your enterprise.
Our Deals and Coupons in usa tool is tailored to help local businesses create discounts and deals as they see fit. This simple-to-use tool requires no special knowledge or technical skills to operate. Below is a step-by-step guide to use the Deals and Coupons tool.

Sign into the Merchant Portal and click on “Deals & Coupons” icon
First things first, sign-in to your MyCommunity.Today Merchants Portal and you’ll see the “Deals & Coupons” icon as the second option. Simply, click on it and you’ll be redirected to the Deals & Coupons section.

Create Deals for your Products & Services

From the top-left section, click on the tab to the left of the Dollar icon for the deal section.

A. Begin the process by choosing the right template for your deal from the list of presented templates then upload an image for your Deal.
B. Scroll down to fill in the essential business address/location. Enter the Category and the Sub-category for the Deal.
C. Define a suitable title and description for the Deal to be shown within your mobile application (MAAS).
D. Set the price, inventory quantity, terms, and conditions, etc. to make your deal look professional with all the necessary information.
E. Make sure to add the Start and End dates and times (validation period of the Deal). And at the end of the screen, click on Save button.
F. Preview your Deal to make sure it is correct and then either edit or publish the Deal by clicking the Save buttons.

And there you go! Your deal will go live in your community hub section of MyCommunity.Today app under your own mobile app commencing on the Start date and time and ending on the End date and time!
Without much effort you can create Deals and Coupons within seconds. It super easy to create and publish your super-personalized deals and coupons on your mobile app within MyCommunity.Today’s Community Hub!

Deals And Coupons in USA
Deals And Coupons in USA

Create Coupons for your Products/Services

From here-on, you can quickly create customized deals for your products and services.

A. Initiate the process by uploading your business’s thumbnail logo followed by entering the accurate business location. (Pro Tip: Type to your address and select the correct full address from the presented list of addresses).
B. As you scroll down, choose the Category and Sub-category that corresponds with your business. Furthermore, add the terms and conditions and description for the coupon.
C. After entering the above information, create the discount code and its type (such as percentage, free shipping, Dollar amount, etc.) and the value. You can select whether the code works on the entire inventory of products/services or just a select products or services.
D. Towards the bottom section, specify the eligibility criteria, and whether it applies to all or specific customers. You can even specify the usage limits (For example, it can only be used once per customer during the Active period) and set the start and End date and time for the coupon (validation period)!

Once all of the above steps are executed, make sure to Save the changes. Saving the changes will post the coupon to the MyCommunity.Today platform, preview your coupon and make all the necessary modifications if needed before clicking the Save button.
And that’s it! Your coupon will go live in your community hub section of MyCommunity.Today app under your own mobile app commencing on the Start date and time and ending on the End date and time!

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